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Closing Disclosure Closing Information Transaction Information Date Issued Closing Date Disbursement Date Settlement Agent File Property Sale Price Borrower Seller Summaries of Transactions Contact Information SELLER S TRANSACTION REAL ESTATE BROKER B Due to Seller at Closing Name 01 Sale Price of Property 02 Sale Price of Any Personal Property Included in Sale Adjustments for Items Paid by Seller in Advance 09 City/Town Taxes to 10 County Taxes 11 Assessments to Address Due from Seller at...
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So it may appear to you that in all the new rules and regulations the seller has been fairly left out of the discussion and for a large part that's true the trim really applies to the buyer, and it seems like there has not been any real attention given to the seller that said it may well be a blessing in disguise the reason for that is the closing disclosure for the seller is much simpler much easier to read than that for the buyer so let's dive into this hammer it out, and you should be able to see these and be able to understand them completely so going forward here we have the date that they're issued again now this is different from the buyer they're not set by the same rules as the buyer the seller does not need to get this until the actual day of transaction believe it or not now that said that's not what we want to do we want to make sure we get this to you still with at least within 24 hours of closing but just be aware the seller has no statutory requirement to get this until the day of the closing we have the closing date the disbursement date as well be thankful Pennsylvania's a wet state what funds state that means the same day we closed we dispersed settlement agent their phone number property address we have the sales price again 169 950 going over here we would have the buyers personal name address sellers name and address zooming out slightly we have the contact information for the real estate broker for the buyer we have the contact information for the real estate broker for the seller, and again you have my company's information for this transaction again I am doing this transaction that's why you'll see my name and license ID number there depending on who does your transaction from my office that's what you'll see various names and ID numbers in that area going up here this is very simple this is the summary of the transaction the total gross the seller is going to be getting the due to the seller closing is 170 750 413 of that 169 950 is due to the sales price of the property and the remaining balances are the proration for the county and school taxes up to the end of the year this is Butler they collect for the county and town tax together so the total amount or the gross amount owed I should say to the sellers of some of those three figures which is 170 750 for 13 and again like the fireside the closing disclosure where's before they would add it up and have the sum below there they instead have flipped it out where they put the sum first, and then they break it down beneath there these are the reductions to the seller so total due from the seller at closing is twenty thousand five hundred forty-nine dollars and fifty cents of that closing costs makeup fifteen thousand four hundred fifty-one dollars and the remaining difference is the sellers assist of five thousand ninety-eight dollars and fifty cents, so those two items together equal the twenty thousand five forty-nine fifty, so you have the gross bless the charges, and...
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